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  1. Harvey Weiss says:

    The 80th B-D pics are great. You just missed half of the planning committee, me and Adie. As many of you know Adie left us in 2018, from a case of MRSA (don’t ever go barefoot in a doctor’s office!!!!). For those of you still in St Louis, her stone dedication will be on Sep 22nd at 11:30.

    Harvey Weiss


  2. Stan Lamberg says:

    Lynne and I decided to stay in Tucson for a couple more months rather than driving back to Baltimore at the recent end of what is normally our winter address. We live in condos in Baltimore with 56 other owners and there is way too much interaction chances in the hallways, lobby, elevator, etc. The weather here is beautiful and I bike at least 3 times a week. This emergency will last a long time and will forever change the usual way of doing things. I hope all stay well as we will not be high on the rescue list if any of us get sick.


  3. Maurry Tamarkin says:

    We’re trying to be extra careful because f covid-19. Of course, I assume everyone else is also. Winter is just ending in Massachusetts so tomorrow I’ll go out and look at the yard, see what needs to be done, and then go back inside and lie down.


  4. Ashley Cytron says:

    Judi and I live in a condo on the Chesapeake Bay spending time ,Judi knits ,I read ,we walk the hall , outside on pool deck, , beach or from our balcony watching the ships go by. We watched the navy ship Comfort sail by a few weeks ago a very impressive sight.
    We celebrated our 58 wedding anniversary April 1 together
    One final word from Judi enough of this togetherness and go back to your volunteer job tutoring first graders in reading .
    Wishing all a most successful stress free social distancing


  5. Ivan Inger says:

    Jeri Inger and I (Ivan Inger) married for 57 years, 2 children and 5 grands, spend half-time in Portland, Or and half in Sarasota, Fl.. We retired from our practices in Psychology and Famliy Therapy and faculty appointments at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Life has been good to us and we have been enjoying the “fruits” of our labors. For some years we have been “giving back”. We have volunteered and have been funders and on boards of social justice foundations. Ivan has just finished his tenure as President of Chamber Music Northwest, a summer festival here in Portland.
    I have lost track of so many of my old friends that I do not know who are still around and who have passed. Would love to hear from those of you who have been lucky enough to still be here. Yours, Ivan Inger


  6. Sarijane Mogerman Freiman says:

    Hello Everyone: Well, I am still in my condo on Hanley, and as many of you know, I lost my Michael 5 years ago, so lonely has become a constant state for me. However, this quarantine has shown me what “lonely” really means!! However, with my phone, TV, and computer (yes, I am addicted to hidden object games) the time is managing to go by. My memories of that wonderful era we enjoyed never leave!! All good wishes to my classmates — stay well, and we will survive this too!! (remember the Polio scare??)


  7. Nelda Lee Meyers (Goldenberg) says:

    Bob and I live in Georgetown TX, outside of Austin. We are doing well, had our 58th wedding anniversary Apr. 8th. You guessed it, stayed at home. This is a lot of togetherness, I wonder how many of us are going to crack up. This is a great idea, would love to hear from all of you.
    Stay well, never thought we would see this in our life time. Wishing everyone a HAPPY PASSOVER and a Happy Easter.


  8. Perry Schneider says:

    My wife Sheila and I feel like we are the luckiest people on earth as we wade through the tough times our world has presented us with. We have a lovely roof over our heads, plenty of food in the refrigerator, smile when our social security check arrives on time, and still love each other after 55 years of marriage. We are in our own home in Scottsdale, Az. where we have lived for the past 23 years. We have 2 beautiful adult children who are bent on taking care of us during this tough time -luckily one lives here in Scottsdale. She does our grocery shopping, etc. and treats us like her children instead of her parents! Really fun to watch. We have learned how to adapt to the 21st century – we watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. We have learned how to use Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. We use the drive through at Walgreen’s, our local hamburger joint, and order groceries, etc. on line to be delivered by Costco and/or the local super market. We have been sheltered in place for 4 weeks now and thank god have been able to avoid Covid 19. We are living by the rules and rarely go anywhere except as I mentioned above! We enjoy our beautiful weather in our beautiful Arizona backyard. When we do go to the doctor, bank, etc – we wear a mask for protection not only for us but others around us!
    We watch the news and see people standing in lines everywhere – food banks, unemployment offices, etc and realize how blessed we are!
    We hope and pray that everyone stays safe and well – this too shall pass we are told!
    It’s great to stay in touch – I look forward to lots of news from those who read our website. Many thanks to Stan Lamberg for keeping it going.
    Best regards to all.
    Perry Schneider


  9. Dora Sextro says:

    I am doing fine I am living in Surprise AZ and loving it. I have been a widow now for almost five years. I am glad I live in a place where their are many activities for seniors. This has been hard the last few weeks , but I know the activities will start again. I am in a tap dance group and dance three times a week, Will be glad to get back to class


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