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  1. Harvey Weiss says:

    The 80th B-D pics are great. You just missed half of the planning committee, me and Adie. As many of you know Adie left us in 2018, from a case of MRSA (don’t ever go barefoot in a doctor’s office!!!!). For those of you still in St Louis, her stone dedication will be on Sep 22nd at 11:30.

    Harvey Weiss


  2. Stan Lamberg says:

    Lynne and I decided to stay in Tucson for a couple more months rather than driving back to Baltimore at the recent end of what is normally our winter address. We live in condos in Baltimore with 56 other owners and there is way too much interaction chances in the hallways, lobby, elevator, etc. The weather here is beautiful and I bike at least 3 times a week. This emergency will last a long time and will forever change the usual way of doing things. I hope all stay well as we will not be high on the rescue list if any of us get sick.


  3. Maurry Tamarkin says:

    We’re trying to be extra careful because f covid-19. Of course, I assume everyone else is also. Winter is just ending in Massachusetts so tomorrow I’ll go out and look at the yard, see what needs to be done, and then go back inside and lie down.


  4. Ashley Cytron says:

    Judi and I live in a condo on the Chesapeake Bay spending time ,Judi knits ,I read ,we walk the hall , outside on pool deck, , beach or from our balcony watching the ships go by. We watched the navy ship Comfort sail by a few weeks ago a very impressive sight.
    We celebrated our 58 wedding anniversary April 1 together
    One final word from Judi enough of this togetherness and go back to your volunteer job tutoring first graders in reading .
    Wishing all a most successful stress free social distancing


  5. Ivan Inger says:

    Jeri Inger and I (Ivan Inger) married for 57 years, 2 children and 5 grands, spend half-time in Portland, Or and half in Sarasota, Fl.. We retired from our practices in Psychology and Famliy Therapy and faculty appointments at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Life has been good to us and we have been enjoying the “fruits” of our labors. For some years we have been “giving back”. We have volunteered and have been funders and on boards of social justice foundations. Ivan has just finished his tenure as President of Chamber Music Northwest, a summer festival here in Portland.
    I have lost track of so many of my old friends that I do not know who are still around and who have passed. Would love to hear from those of you who have been lucky enough to still be here. Yours, Ivan Inger


    • Carol Warshar says:

      Hi Ivan, It’s Carol Warshaw. So happy to hear that things are going well for you and Jeri.I’m still in Scottsdale and very happy to be in the warm weather which enables me to walk during this social distancing time. My kids are busy working thru this pandemic Eric planning for the Portland Kaisers and Steve working on the frontline. Their 3 kids are at home. My daughter Stephanie and family are helping helping me out as no one wants me to be out and about. I hope to be in Portland once I’m able to travel. Can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since Barry passed away so I now talk to the walls. Was surprised to see that you now go to Sarasota as last we talked you were going to Mexico.Stay healthy. Stay well.


  6. Sarijane Mogerman Freiman says:

    Hello Everyone: Well, I am still in my condo on Hanley, and as many of you know, I lost my Michael 5 years ago, so lonely has become a constant state for me. However, this quarantine has shown me what “lonely” really means!! However, with my phone, TV, and computer (yes, I am addicted to hidden object games) the time is managing to go by. My memories of that wonderful era we enjoyed never leave!! All good wishes to my classmates — stay well, and we will survive this too!! (remember the Polio scare??)


  7. Nelda Lee Meyers (Goldenberg) says:

    Bob and I live in Georgetown TX, outside of Austin. We are doing well, had our 58th wedding anniversary Apr. 8th. You guessed it, stayed at home. This is a lot of togetherness, I wonder how many of us are going to crack up. This is a great idea, would love to hear from all of you.
    Stay well, never thought we would see this in our life time. Wishing everyone a HAPPY PASSOVER and a Happy Easter.


    • sandi says:

      Hi Nelda, how are you? I think it is Judy chervitz that keeps up with you and so once in awhile i hear about you. I lost stan 6 years ago and all three children live out of town, But i think i am dealing with this virus thing pretty well with zooms and zooms. how are you? how is your sister? take care…..sandi


  8. Perry Schneider says:

    My wife Sheila and I feel like we are the luckiest people on earth as we wade through the tough times our world has presented us with. We have a lovely roof over our heads, plenty of food in the refrigerator, smile when our social security check arrives on time, and still love each other after 55 years of marriage. We are in our own home in Scottsdale, Az. where we have lived for the past 23 years. We have 2 beautiful adult children who are bent on taking care of us during this tough time -luckily one lives here in Scottsdale. She does our grocery shopping, etc. and treats us like her children instead of her parents! Really fun to watch. We have learned how to adapt to the 21st century – we watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. We have learned how to use Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. We use the drive through at Walgreen’s, our local hamburger joint, and order groceries, etc. on line to be delivered by Costco and/or the local super market. We have been sheltered in place for 4 weeks now and thank god have been able to avoid Covid 19. We are living by the rules and rarely go anywhere except as I mentioned above! We enjoy our beautiful weather in our beautiful Arizona backyard. When we do go to the doctor, bank, etc – we wear a mask for protection not only for us but others around us!
    We watch the news and see people standing in lines everywhere – food banks, unemployment offices, etc and realize how blessed we are!
    We hope and pray that everyone stays safe and well – this too shall pass we are told!
    It’s great to stay in touch – I look forward to lots of news from those who read our website. Many thanks to Stan Lamberg for keeping it going.
    Best regards to all.
    Perry Schneider


  9. Dora Sextro says:

    I am doing fine I am living in Surprise AZ and loving it. I have been a widow now for almost five years. I am glad I live in a place where their are many activities for seniors. This has been hard the last few weeks , but I know the activities will start again. I am in a tap dance group and dance three times a week, Will be glad to get back to class


  10. Malcolm P. Rosen says:

    Shana Tovah and Happy Easter to everyone. My wife Mary Beth (married 54 years this June) is on Zoom with her kindergarten class here in Skopje, North Macedonia. Normally, I would be on the way to my weekly massage, but this flu crud put a rude stop to that along with my visits to self-inflict pain and suffering with my personal trainer, Russ, who speaks not a word of English and my Macedonian is even worse. We communicate with nasty looks, grunting, and rude finger gestures. Since we are over 67, we can go outside from 10am till noon daily and not at all on Saturday and Sunday. This strategy appears to be working. For the past 10 years we have been ex-pats living 4 yrs. in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1 yr. in Phuket, Thailand, and for the last 5 yrs. in Skopje, North Macedonia. We’ve been fortunate to visit 45+ countries, and Mary Beth says there are more on the horizon. She drags me along like a sack of soiled laundry. We are well and wish the same for all of you.


  11. marv cotlar says:

    My wife, Linda (she’s from Brooklyn) and I are hunkered down in Woodstock, NY where we’ve been for the past ten+ years. With Corona-16 fluttering about, a weekly trip to the supermarket/pharmacy is about it, other than a daily walk in our sparsely populated neighborhood. With all this “claustrophobic” closeness, at least we haven’t “killed” each other yet.

    More serious, life is good, no complaints. Of course we suffer the usual aches and pains of old age, but so far we have avoided the big bag of tricks carried by the Pale Rider.

    One of my daughters (Sarah) and her family (inc. two college age sons) have been living in Saint Louis (Clayton) for several years after giving NYC a spin. My other daughter, Elizabeth, after living abroad (Paris, Stockholm, various countries in Africa) for 20+ years and her husband also just bought a condo in Saint Louis and will be returning; her two sons (early 20s) are also there. So, it looks like I’ll be visiting more often… Hope to catch up with all of you.

    If you’re in the mood to write, than you can reach me at marvcotlar@yahoo.com

    Be well, one and all.


  12. Sandi says:

    This is so nice and I am all in for communicating with my high school friends. Yes, my husband also died 5 years ago. I moved from a home to a beautiful condo in clayton and feel very lucky that I do not have to worry about money etc as i do feel terrible for the people that cannot stay at home as I do but are the ones who deliver groceries, etc.
    My three children are all over the world. one in Sweden, one in california and one in minnesota . But, thank God they are all happy and I used to travel a lot to see them but have stopped that because of this virus.
    I do think about highschool days and how free and fun they were. I do wonder where everyone is and how they are doing. We were so lucky to have such a really great class.
    I wish all well and my many, many thanks to Stan Lamberg for keeping us connected
    Sandi Feigenbaum Shapiro


  13. Cliff JoAnn Chelist says:

    I am a snow bird living in a condo in Boynton Beach Florida usually back in St. Louis by now but because of the Virus hope to get back in May. Lost my wife JoAnn last June after almost 56 wonderful years. Have 2 sons and 5 beautiful granddaughters all living in St. Louis. Thanks for my family and friends here and in St. Louis I am keeping busy an not as lonely as I would be.
    Stay well and be safe.


  14. Judy Raith Wildhber says:

    I am living in Grand Junction Colorado and have for 30 years. Married to Lee Wildhaber for 50 years. My, how,time flies.


  15. Denny Kessler says:

    It is great hearing about all of you. Barb and I live in Highland Park IL year round. After 57+ years of marriage – Barb and I are REALLY getting to know each other! We have stayed home for one month, and counting, and only go out to take walks and Barb orders groceries on line we drive tot he store and they put them in the trunk of our car. Our hands are raw from washing them so much and we have each lost weight – we have no sweets in the house and since we don’t go to restaurants, we are not overeating and social drinking. We have found that keeping to a schedule and having structure in our days really helps. We get up at the same time as before. We have subscribed to an on line exercise program called Grow Young which keeps us fit. I continue to work, doing Family Business consulting but instead of meeting with people in person I do everything on line, including meetings. Five years ago I along with 10 others started a non-profit organization for Corporate Directors – the Private Directors Association. We now have 850 members nation wide. We have had two big disappointments. Our son Arthur’s youngest son, Ryan, was supposed to have a bar mitzvah in two weeks. Our son Keith’s middle child, Andrew, was supposed to graduate from Washington University with a mechanical engineering degree in mid-May. The bar mitzvah is rescheduled for October and I think graduation is a lost cause. Last Wednesday night we had a ZOOM Passover seder with 20 family members located in 3 states and Washington DC. It went well. We are all truly fortunate for the wonderful education we received and for growing up during the magical 50’s. Lots to be thankful for. Stay well and safe. Denny


  16. Alice Redler says:

    so happy to say that after 63 years we are still married and happy. in st. louis with 2 daughters one son in laws and 3 fantastic grandchildren. son in calif but i believe he will be heading back to New Zeland when we can travel again. his daughter is with him. his son works at ESPN in conneticut.. my husband al and i sold insurance together for many years and as i started this note, yep we are still married.and blessed with a wonderful family. 63 years. can you believe it.


  17. marilyn oswald says:

    I am so sorry to let our class know that David Krutchik died this week. He had a seven year ordeal with Parkinsons Disease. I think his wife Eileen would be happy to hear from those of us who knew and cared about him.


  18. Roxanne Spector Weisman says:

    Roxanne Spector Weisman
    It so great to hear what is going on with some of the classmates that we have lost touch with over the years. Right now our activities are much the same as everyone else…we stay close to the house.
    Our background: married 62 yrs to Gene Weisman (his brother Jerry was in our class but has been gone for many years. We have 2 girls, a lawyer (not practicing any longer) and a daughter in Chicago who is a clinical social worker and writes education and childrens books; son passed away several years ago; have 7 grandchildren, 1 married and 1 about to get married.
    My husband retired as an attorney 4 years ago and I own a travel agency for over 40 years but this virus will probably do us in!

    Love to hear from some of my classmates that we have lost touch with.
    Stay safe and healthy.


  19. Carolyn Peak Gottlieb says:

    I agree with Denny, the music of ‘56 was fun memories! Thanks, Stan. My husband Paul and are still in Suffolk VA and trying to stay safe with masks, social distancing, etc. I must say I am rather tired of all of this. We enjoy going to plays, symphony, and other events which are non-existent now. In our part of VA, things are beginning to open up more so hoping everyone obeys the guidelines and we will continue to be on the downside of the infections. I hope the time will come when we can once again get together in St. Louis for a reunion. One of the things I have been doing during this at home time, is going through boxes, pictures and memories. Many, many memories of Flynn Park, Hanley and U City High! Love hearing from all. Stay well!


    • Maurry Tamarkin says:

      Fun to read your post, Carolyn. I heard from Wilbur and Eddie Kessler last week. We, Flynn Parkers, are just a feisty few. I still am weathering out covid-19 in Massachusetts. We live in a town of 3500 so, by staying at home, we’re not missing much.


  20. Perry Schneider says:

    Does anyone have a current address for David Krutchik’s widow Eileen Krutchik?
    I sent a condolence card and it came back as undeliverable.
    If you have it, I would appreciate you sending ti to:
    Perry Schneider


  21. Perry Schneider says:

    I am sorry to inform you of the passing of my dear friend and UCity High classmate Alan Kaufman. Alan passed away on November 30th – we had been close friends since our days at U. Ciiy High School and I will miss him terribly. He is survived by his wife Jeanine and four beautiful daughters – Linda, Debbie, Wendy, and Tracy.
    Because of Covid 19, there are currently no plans for a funeral or service.


      • Perry Schneider says:

        Sandy – he has been fighting non Hodgkins lymphoma for about two years. It seemed to have caused some serious dementia amongst other things and we’re guessing that it also attacked his vital organs. Ss far as I know, there wasn’t any evidence of Covid. He also had some serious signs of post polio symptoms cropping up – not sure what effect that had.
        Very sad – I’m having a tough time getting my arms around the fact that he’s gone!
        We are lucky in that we are the godparents of one of his daughters so we will maintain the relationship with the family. Thanks for asking – stay safe and be sure to hug all your loved ones extra hard when you have the chance.


  22. sandi Feigenbaum shapiro says:

    This is so nice of you to keep us in contact with each other…..thank you.

    I was supposed to have a drive to join my daughter and her family for thanksgiving (which I did twice before during this pedemic )but cancelled for thanksgiving as we are too close in getting a vaccine and did not want to take a chance.

    I live by myself in a condo in Clayton and keep busy with bridge and canasta on line with friends. Yes, I do watch series on TV, Netflex hob , etc. also do have a once a month book club. You all must read “American Dirt”. Really good. As a matter of fact one of the gals is leading the group after reading “Catcher in the Rye? Anybody remember reading that in HighSchool?

    Well, enough about myself…let me wish all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay well.

    On a sad note (as I do not know who knows and who does not know). Marshall Gross died. I was so shocked. I have no idea what he died of …does anyone know??

    Sandi Feigenbaum Shapiro


  23. Eroca Daniel (Arlene Franklin Leber) says:

    Eroca Daniel (Arlene Franklin Leber)

    Hey guys – a shout out to you all for maintaining this wonderful site! It’s terrific to be kept abreast of classmates. It’s hard to believe how fast so many years have gone by. We’re too young to be this old!

    I’ve been living in Phoenix for 26 years now. Still working with my CHAI Foundation for Medical Research and Life Extension, Inc. in regard to finding a conquest to cancer. Appears we have identified a major breakthrough, but have lost our world-class research director to an unfortunate accident. Now looking for collaboration to make additional anti-cancer serum. Should take 3 – 5 months. Earlier clinical studies were done outside the U.S. by our Dr. Brown on primary and metastatic lesions with a 60%- 85% effectiveness.(www.chaifoundation.org). We’re a small, 23 year-old 501c(3) non-profit tax-deductible organization. Any contacts to R&D within a public or private lab, university, Pharma, etc.. we would appreciate having.

    I’ve had a home office now since I was 21, so ‘lock-down,’ while isolating is hard, it’s kind of my normal routine since I’m a gregarious-loner (smiles). A friend who lives nearby airs me out with an almost daily mile walk for exercise and social catchup.

    My two sons and two of my three grandsons live in CA, but we keep in touch often by phone, Or before Covid, by exchange of visits during the year. My oldest grandson lives in Phoenix where he started his own insurance agency after graduating ASU, but travels back and forth to CA. where he and his brothers grew up. My ‘baby’ grandson – now 6’3″ and still growing – was voted All American in Track & Field two years ago. Currently working part time for my younger son. Middle grandson working his way up the corporate ladder. Got a long way to go.

    For me, U. City High, its student body and our time and education there, was exceptional. In fact, in my first year at Wash U., I had already “been there – done that” – in the 10th grade!

    My very best wishes to all.
    P.S. My “PH.D.” stands for “Persistent Humanitarian Dedication.” Left hand gave it to my right hand.


  24. Eroca Daniel(Arlene Franklin Leber) says:

    Does anyone have Susie Librach’s email or home number?
    Her folks lived near me and my husband and kids.
    Her dad used to stop at our house on his way home for dinner.
    Have some interesting stories about her folks’ courtship that she may or may not know, but would get a kick out of!
    Stay well all.
    And thank you, Stan, for helping us to keep in touch with each other over all these decades.
    Eroca Daniel (Arlene Franklin Leber)


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