Renitta Librach Goldman

Renitta Librach Goldman, Ph.D., is wife for 58 years to Jay Goldman, D.Sc.  We came to the University of Alabama  at Birmingham (UAB) 33 years ago. He came to be Dean of Engineering, and I came to be Professor of Special Education. 

Our careers have spanned residency in St.Louis, Raleigh, North Carolina , Columbia, Missouri, and  Birmingham, our home.  

I am currently working with graduate level students on line. My professional interests include monitoring Federal grants, teaching measurement and behavior modification courses, familiarizing general education students about special education, and supervising practicum students.  The goal is to improve achievement for students in elementary and secondary schools by teaching teachers to use strategies that work.  

Jay and my academic careers have allowed us to publish books and papers and present locally, nationally and internationally.  We have traveled this country and the world extensively.  I feel very blessed. 

My very best to all.