65th Reunion

Dear Classmates,
Ain’t it great to be alive?!!!!
2021 will be our 65th reunion brunch. Your humble committee is hoping that you will mark this date and plan to join us on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at our usual meeting place, the Knight Center on the WU campus.
More information to follow as the date gets closer. In the meantime, stay healthy.
Please look at the website and add or update your bio so that your classmates can see what you are up to.

Best Wishes to all of you, GLORIA

Gary Heifetz PGHeifetz@sbcglobal.net
Stan Lamberg Stan@PCArchiver.com (email all changes to Stan)
Gloria Marchick gloriabmarchick@comcast.net
DeDe Sorkin Sherman Dede.sherman@icloud.com
Maurry Tamarkin mjtamarkin@yahoo.com

8 thoughts on “65th Reunion

    • Harvey Weiss says:

      Will you have set up rooms for us “foreigners” at the Knight Center? If so, can we have a phone number to call for a res.



      • Sandi says:

        Do not know exactly what u r asking of me. Make a reservation? Had dates been decided? Clarify


      • Harvey Weiss says:

        When we were doing the party, part of the contract with Knight was to offer rooms to those out of towners at a significant discount. I guess you have not done this. So, don’t worry, other places are available.


  1. stanlamb says:

    The KC is not yet open for guests and are not sure when they will be. I am now trying to have their conf center people set up a combined Zoom or similar at the same time the locals or anyone who comes in can sit in a conf room, maybe have lunch if they can serve lunch, and have a camera focused on the room at the same time. We can show slides that everyone in the room or on Zoom can see. Sunday is better than Sat. We are working on all of this. STAN


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