Allen Sherman

After graduating from Washington University with a degree in Chemistry I went to Northwestern University and started working on a PhD in Chemistry. Eventually, with some turns along the way, I earned an MA in Sociology and Social Research. 

My first job out of college was at the Bureau of Social Science Research in Washington D. C. After two years there, my wife (Pam Shenberg) along with our 6 month old son David, moved back to St. Louis where our daughter Laura was born a year later.  I transitioned from the academic world to the world of market research, advertising, and marketing management. I worked for several advertising agencies before joining Anheuser Busch. I started in their Market Research Department, promoted to Michelob Beer advertising manager and eventually joined the new product development team. I played an instrumental role in creating the Eagle Snacks Food Division for A.B. and credited with being the father of the Honey Roast Peanut.

After fourteen years at A.B. I was burned out. I resigned from my job, had my midlife crisis, divorced after 23 years of marriage and began the next phase of my life. I did some consulting work, and taught a few courses at UMSL and Webster University, and gave lectures at MIT, U.C. Berkeley, and University of MO School of Journalism.  I married Heidi Lopata and we left St. Louis for a fifteen year adventure around the country. During that time Heidi pursued her profession as a fine art photographer, and we explored the country, hiking and fishing along the way. We spent four years in Dallas, where I worked for an international alcoholic beverage company as V.P. New Product Development. Spent two years in New Hampshire at a gourmet coffee company as V.P. Marketing, four years living in the Boston area working for Ocean Spray Cranberries as G.M. of the Specialty Foods Division.  Finally ending up in Lancaster, PA working as V.P. Marketing for a specialty cheese company. 

When I retired we were still living in Lancaster. I took courses at Franklin & Marshall College and started singing again, which I hadn’t done since college. Heidi and I moved back to St. Louis in 2003 in order to help her aging parents. Heidi passed away in 2014 from M.S. 

Since being back in town I keep busy taking courses at Washington University’s Life Long Learning Institute, and singing with St. Louis Show Stoppers, and Broadway Fantasies. My nine year old granddaughter Callan lives around the corner from me in Kirkwood. Grandson Brandon is just starting at the University of Maryland and granddaughter Jordan, in Chicago, just got her driver’s license. I am spending a lot of happy time with Harriet Summers and glad to be alive.