Art Miserocchi

Art was the son of Margaret and Arthur Miserocchi.  There were four siblings named, Louis, Albert, Michael and the youngest, Arturo.  The family was borne and raised in University City where the boys attended elementary and high school.

Following graduation from University City High School in 1956 Art attended Washington University College to study Biology.   While attending college, he obtained employment performing autopsy’s.  Phil, the Gorilla from the St. Louis Zoo passed and was one of Arts patients, in order to determine the cause of death. This was such an honor for Art as he spent much of his childhood at the Zoo visiting Phil.   While attending college, Art met Carol Ann Thieret from Perryville, Missouri. 

Carol Thieret was living and working in St. Louis during that time.  They were introduced by mutual friends while on a blind date.  Following a courtship, Art and Carol were married June 4, 1960 in Sereno, Missouri and moved to Florida. Art’s wife Carol had been diagnosed with Renal failure.  During this time, Art & Carol had 1 child named Teresita (Tera) who was borne premature due to her failing kidneys. 

Art was hired in 1961 by the West Florida Arthropod Research Laboratory, Florida State Board of Health, in Vero Beach, Florida.   He and Carlisle B Rathburn, Jr. developed and published a photo micrographic method for the measurement of air-borne droplets.  This camera could also be used for accurate size determination of dust particles, droplets in sprays, emulsions, inhalants, natural fogs, clouds, aerosol bombs and photographing insects and other small objects. 

They returned to Missouri so they could seek better healthcare options for his wife.  Art was employed by General Electric as a major appliance salesman.  Carol underwent an experimental surgery called a Kidney Transplant.   During this time Art enjoyed spending time with family, singing opera and painting.

In 1973, Art, Carol and Tera moved to Sedgewickville, Missouri just outside Perryville.

They bought 132 acres and lived on a farm.  They had horses, goats, chickens, and cattle.  Art’s passion for beauty and nature encouraged him to plant a two-acre field of wild flowers which was breath taking.  Art worked for the original owners of Buchheits country store.  Later became co-owner of Thieret Sales & Service in Perryville, MO.

In the late 1970’s Art created “Ozark Landscaping Products, Company” with brother-in-law Denny and their spouses.  They built their business by packaging landscaping products and sold to 10 states including Walmart, Central Hardware, K-Mart, Nurseries, etc.   

In 1982 Tera was married and had a daughter named Jessica and later divorced.   Many years later Ozark Products was sold and the family moved back to St. Louis, Missouri.  Daughter, Tera met and married Randy Torralba in 1988.  Art’s hobby was painting, photography of nature and spending time with his grand-daughter Jessica.

In the 90’s Tera’s husband Randy was in the US Navy and moved every three years through out the continental US.  This gave Art and Carol the opportunity of traveling to each location to visit.   Randy and Tera had a son named Rhett in 1991.   Carol’s kidney was failing which required another transplant.  She was blessed with a perfect match from her brother Kevin for her second transplant.

Art and Carol along with Art’s nephew Steve developed a company called Cara-Tera (named after Carol and Tera).  They sold to the public landscaping supplies and a huge variety of concrete statuary in Town & Country.  Art and Steve did a large variety of landscaping jobs.  Their work included landscaping beds, pathways, huge retaining walls, gabion walls, and magnificent fountains made out of natural stone which are still there today to enjoy.   Eventually Art and Carol sold their business to Steve Miserocchi and retired.

In 2000 Tera and Randy retired from the military and moved back to St. Louis.   They raised their children within 3 miles of Art and Carol.   By 2010 the grandchildren were grown, got married and had children of their own. Both Art and Carol enjoy spending time with their daughter Tera, son-in-law Randy, grand and great grand children.  Jessica and her husband Josh have two children Caleb and Destiny.  Rhett has one child named Bruce.  Art and Carol are enjoying life and currently live in High Ridge, Missouri.  Art continues to paint, take pictures of nature and has added custom canes to his hobbies.  He loves walking or just sitting quiet in the woods at night enjoying and listening to nature. 

Blessed by so many gifts and adventures from life, with cherished family, reflects on his favorite quote by William Shakespeare: 

“Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;
And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in every thing.”

Written by:
Teresita M Torralba