Audrey Kaiser Lourie

Hi! After long last I finally sat down to compose something. This was a lot harder than I thought since I am not close to dying yet (I don’t think) ha!. 

Married 59 years to Stan Lourie and raised two beautiful children, Brian and Julie Lourie Winter. Proud grandmother of Sam and Lexie Winter and Samantha and Victoria Lourie. 

After working, I became active in American Medical Center first as President of The Players Chapter and then President of the Council of the seven chapters which became known as AMC – a Denver based hospital and campus taking in terminally ill patients free of charge throughout the world and also a research facility. While I was President we brought in Sammy Davis Jr. raising hundred of thousands of dollars, an undertaking I’ll never forget. 

Since then I have served as a Vice President for a Brandeis chapter in Sarasota, Florida where we now have a home, spend most of our time and I am on the Social Committee and the Life Long Enrichment Committee in the community where we live. 

My hobbies are mah jong, bridge, golf and various exercise routines. We love to go to dinner dances and parties and keep very busy with many friends in our community. Life is never boring