Barbara Phillips Dammkoehler

Well to be honest I can not believe that we are eighty years old!  Really, in 1956 I thought I would be eighteen forever.  

I have had a good life.  I graduated from Washington University and there met the love of my life, Rich.  

After graduation I taught for a while but when children began to arrive I became a Domestic Engineer.  Domestic Engineer is a term Rich came up with to make me feel like my job had status.  It was the Women’s  Revolution and those of us who stayed home to balance child care, volunteering and food preparation were not getting much respect.  

Our daughter, Ann, and son, Rich, grew up in Kirkwood, went off to college and married.  With their spouses, Mark and Melanie, they have given me four lovely granddaughters.  (In the photo I am standing with Katie, one of the lovelies).  Throughout those years we always vacationed in the North Woods of Wisconsin.  I have visited a few other places but Wisconsin continues to be my favorite place in the world. 

My husband Rich died four years ago.  I am learning to stand alone and reinvent myself.  The needs of a car still perplex me though!  I play Mah Jong, garden, take art classes at Meramec and walk with Betsey.   

I am grateful for the fifty- three years I had with Rich, a terrific family, my four grandchildren, my many friends and my good health.  

See you soon.  Barbara