Betty Jane Marmor Koppel

HI 56ERS. 


Since graduation,  I went to Smith College and graduated from Washington U.

I met and married  Gene Koppel in 1958. He graduated  from Clayton high and went on to get his PhD at Washington University 

We moved to Tucson in 1962 where Gene taught English literature for 37 years. He passed away in 2011.

Our son married Sue Meyer in 1983 and have Julie and Jimmy. Julie married Josh Goldman, a pediatric oncology resident and I am going to be a great grandmother.  Wow.
Jimmy is a computer  guru and is getting a computer PhD at MIT.

My daughter is a social worker,  but is busy running her 15 year old daughter Alyssa’s career as an actress.  She has a major part in a Disney show, Mech x4. The show will continue in April. The 2nd year is already finished.

Oh, about me. I got a MST degree in math and taught for 20 years in high school.  Boy, is that fun. Miss Bruns inspired me.

After my husband passed away,  I got involved with a national group supporting Brandeis. They found out I could add and thus became financial  secretary and keep very busy.

I am sad to see how many classmates we have lost. Here’s to continue renewing our friendship. 

BJ KOPPEL  (AKA Betty Jane Marmor)