Carolyn Peak Gottlieb

After graduation I attended Vanderbilt University School of Nursing where I remained until 1961 teaching in the nursing program—also waiting for the graduation of my then fiancé, Paul Gottlieb, to graduate in engineering.  We married in 1962 and headed for CA to the Navy Civil Engineer Corps school.  
Following our 2 months there, we were sent to Portsmouth, VA for the remainder of his active duty in the Navy.  We have remained in the Hampton Roads area, for the most part, until the present.  

We have 3 children, Paul (Bo), Steve, and Elizabeth and 5 grandchildren, Phillip, Allison, Maggie, Abby, and Stephen.  Our 2 sons and their families are in the area.  Both boys work with Paul in the construction business.  Our daughter, a special ed. teacher, and her family are in Franklin, TN.

I worked in nursing education in several programs in our area, mostly part-time, and enjoyed the best of 2 worlds—keeping up with my profession and freedom to be involved in political causes, school board, church, and other organizations.  Paul retired from the Naval reserve after 23 years and continues to work in the construction business with our sons. 

I am excited to see everyone at our birthday celebration!