Freda Vose Blair

I graduated from the  University of Wisconsin with a Masters degree in Library Science and worked in the Madison, WI public schools as a librarian and also at Oakhill, a minimum  security correctional institution for men.  I married Jim Blair and we had two children:  Leon and Cindy.  Leon died in an accident at age 21.   He was named for my father, who also died very young at age 52 from a heart attack.  That has been an unlucky name in our family.  

My daughter,  Cindy went to  UW, Madison for undergraduate school and Boston University for graduate school.  She is married and  has two boys:  Reese & Jaden.  She has lived in the Boston area ever since.  Since we are still in Madison, it  means lots of air travel for visits.  But Madison is a great place to live.  It is a beautiful city on lakes with lots of cultural and academic events because of the university.  

U City High was a great school and I feel I got a really good education.  I still remember Augusta Gottlieb, a first rate English teacher, who sparked a lifelong love of literature, and Mr. Kettelkamp, a man who brought American history to life for me.  If he had a first name I never knew what it was.  He was a formal kind of guy, but I still have my history notes taken in his class.  These two teachers were the best I had anywhere, including college and graduate school.