Gary Heifetz and Phyllis Katzen Heifetz

The picture was taken in 2015 when we were hiking at Tent Rocks National Monument near Santa Fe New Mexico.  We have been married for 24 years, both retired and like to vacation in the mountains mainly in the West.  Last year we were in Santa Fe and later in Banff Canada and Glacier National Park in Canada and Montana.  This year we were in Yosemite in California in January and Sedona Arizona in March.  In August we are going to Acadia in Maine with our to be 13 year old grandson.  We visit frequently with family in Maryland, 4 grandchildren, two sons and daughters in law.  In June we are going to Fort Worth Tx for a family reunion with Phyllis’ brother, nephews and grandnephews and niece.  We like to go to movies at theaters, see some plays and read a lot, mostly novels.  We both love to cook and host small dinner parties.  Phyllis was diagnosed nearly 8 years ago with stage 4 breast cancer which is manageable.  She rides her horse Maggie 3 or 4 times a week and walks and works out the other days.  So for the most part her life style has not changed. Gary works out at a gym 4 or 5 days a week and walks a lot in Forest Park and Shaw Park.  All in all we are doing well and have been very happy together.  We look forward to being with all that can make it to our 60th reunion.  Best wishes to all.

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