Gary Weissman

My family is living proof of the gender balance force in the Milky Way:  My wife (neé Maryjo Kores from Green Bay, Wisconsin) and I have six daughters (three adopted and three who arrived by the conventional route), who have produced nine grandsons, including triplet five-year-olds.  {If anyone wants to trade a granddaughter, we’re willing to swap for any two of the grandsons}.

If I had been good enough to play professional football, they would have called me “well-traveled” (an NFL euphemism for someone who moves around a lot ):  In the last 60 years I have been: 
( 1) a doctoral candidate in African and Latin American history; 
( 2) an assistant to a Mayor (Trenton, NJ); 
( 3) a program designer for a community action program (Washington, DC); 
( 4) Administrator of  federally-funded Community Action programs in Puerto Rico,  the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands {I funded the only kibbutz ever funded by the U.S. Government — on the island of Babeldaop in Palau}; 
( 5) Chief of the Ex-Offenders Program for the U.S. Department of Labor [I have been in more slams than most recidivist convicts, just never overnight]
( 6) Street Law Instructor in the D.C. Youth Prison;
( 7) Chief Negotiator for a federal employees union (Local 2677 of the AFGE for the Office of Economic Opportunity);
( 8) Chief Planner for the Governor’s Manpower Office in Minnesota; 
( 9) the Data Privacy Maven for the Minnesota Department of Economic Security;
(10) an attorney in Minneapolis; 
(11) an adjuct law professor in St. Paul; 
(12) on the faculty of the Minnesota Judicial College; 
(13) a mediator; 
(14) a (neighborhood) newspaper editor-in-chief; 
(15) trainer of mediators and arbitrators (in Minnesota, illinois, Ontario, and Panama); ; and
 (16) a Spanish Instructor for a community college (in Jackson, Wyoming).

In retirement (in Jackson Hole) I have published five novels (under the pen name of Garibaldi Sabio); served as a trooper in the Jackson, Wyoming, Mounted Patrol; was Secretary and Chief Lyricist for the Teton Back Country Horsemen; am an usher (along with my wife) for the Grand Teton Music Festival, a walking tour guide (of downtown Jackson) for the Jackson Hole Historical Society, and co-convenor {with my wife} of the Teton County Seniors Book Club.  

Then on Tuesdays….