How to submit your BIO

INSTRUCTIONS: Type your story, of any length, into an email or a Word type document and send with 1-2 pictures to:
What you might include:.
  • Occupation for most of life and what now?
  • Hobbies and/or volunteer activities recently?
  • Best trip/trips?
  • Describe family if desired (marry anyone we know?)
  • Present challenges?
  • Anything else?​

One thought on “How to submit your BIO

  1. Roxanne S Weisman says:

    Hi All,
    Sorry to be so lazy about sending info but now there is little to do so after mega years, here I am. Married for 62 years (next week) to Gene Weisman (Jerry’s big brother, from our class). Had 3 children, 2 girls (a lawyer, clinical pyschologist/writer of children’s books), Gene…a retired lawyer and I owner a travel agency for over 40 years but the virus has put me in retirement. Enjoyed my business as I was fortunate to travel the world often and took “singles” groups with me for over 20 of those travel times.God was good to us!!
    Still am seeing many of the U Cityites from our year and before/after.
    Hope to hear from others of you that I haven’t been in touch with the years.
    Stay safe, stay well and enjoy life!
    Roxanne Weisman


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