How to submit your BIO

INSTRUCTIONS: Type your story, of any length, into an email or a Word type document and send with 1-2 pictures to:
What you might include:.
  • Occupation for most of life and what now?
  • Hobbies and/or volunteer activities recently?
  • Best trip/trips?
  • Describe family if desired (marry anyone we know?)
  • Present challenges?
  • Anything else?​

2 thoughts on “How to submit your BIO

  1. Roxanne S Weisman says:

    Hi All,
    Sorry to be so lazy about sending info but now there is little to do so after mega years, here I am. Married for 62 years (next week) to Gene Weisman (Jerry’s big brother, from our class). Had 3 children, 2 girls (a lawyer, clinical pyschologist/writer of children’s books), Gene…a retired lawyer and I owner a travel agency for over 40 years but the virus has put me in retirement. Enjoyed my business as I was fortunate to travel the world often and took “singles” groups with me for over 20 of those travel times.God was good to us!!
    Still am seeing many of the U Cityites from our year and before/after.
    Hope to hear from others of you that I haven’t been in touch with the years.
    Stay safe, stay well and enjoy life!
    Roxanne Weisman


  2. sandi Feigenbaum shapiro says:

    This is so nice of you to keep us in contact with each other…..thank you.

    I was supposed to have a drive to join my daughter and her family for thanksgiving (which I did twice before during this pedemic )but cancelled for thanksgiving as we are too close in getting a vaccine and did not want to take a chance.

    I live by myself in a condo in Clayton and keep busy with bridge and canasta on line with friends. Yes, I do watch series on TV, Netflex hob , etc. also do have a once a month book club. You all must read “American Dirt”. Really good. As a matter of fact one of the gals is leading the group after reading “Catcher in the Rye? Anybody remember reading that in HighSchool?

    Well, enough about myself…let me wish all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay well.

    On a sad note (as I do not know who knows and who does not know). Marshall Gross died. I was so shocked. I have no idea what he died of …does anyone know??

    Sandi Feigenbaum Shapiro


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