Jon Wakelyn

I attended the University of Florida, took my BA in history, minors in lit and pol sci, at Long Island University, and received a PhD from Rice University in 1966, thanks to a large NDEA Fellowship.  

My first job was at Washington College in MD, then in 1970 to The Catholic U of America where I made full professor in 1978.  For three years, 1973-1976, I was undergraduate Dean, a poor one.  I chaired the CUA history dept for two three year terms.  I visited at UMD and St Patrick’s College Maynooth  Ireland,  In 1996 I made the mistake of going to teach at Kent State from which I retired in 2005. 

I lived in Boston for a few years after Kent, and spent delightful time at the Widener.  We moved back to DC in 2008, where I happily peruse the LC holdings.  Hard to get an academic out of the game.  Along the way I have been an editor for a number of University presses, and have brought out a number of books.  I also have written a number of books and articles.  I think my total of authored and edited books under my name amount to 15, from works on the old South, to the Civil War era, and back to the so-called founding fathers.  There is a Festschrift for me-The Battlefield and Beyond- from LSU Press, from which any additional life facts can be accessed.

I am married and the father of two children, and grandfather of four.  So the name goes on.