Martha Niemoeller Walkup

I have a husband, David; 2 children (Liz in Seattle and Grant in the Boston area); and 4 grandchildren evenly divided between the two coasts. 

Plus too much STUFF… Here are my thoughts: 

1) Will we ever get our possessions down to the point where it makes sense to move? (David’s solution: “Give it all to Goodwill.”) 

2) Am I dragging my feet because of the prospect of too little light in Seattle in winter? (Could be. I used to ski once a week in the sixties and got some sun and fun that way. I am NOT going to take up skiing again. 

3) Plus Seattle was heaven in the 1960s. Not now. Don’t get me started. Meanwhile I spend my time sorting and pitching…and reading a fair amount. 

Stay tuned and take care of yourselves…Martha