Maurry Tamarkin

In 1962 I married Julie Chipps (Brentwood 1959). We have four children, two boys and two girls. In my mid-thirties, Julie persuaded me to work towards a doctorate. Late in life to become a decent student (I was among the worst in our class), but I received my doctorate in finance from Washington U. In 1978 we moved from U. City (our kids were at Flynn Park and Hanley) as I took a position at U. of Connecticut and subsequently to Massachusetts because I transferred to Clark U. in Worcester MA.

 I have always been immature i.e., at age of 13, I had the maturity of a nine year old, a 14 year old when 18 and in college, a 17 year old when 21. Actually my maturity still lags, but that only means I now have the maturity of a 75 year old. Julie can handle that.

Maurry passed away July 12, 2021