Minerva Wharton Durham

After my marriage dissolved in the early 70’s, I tried living in St. Louis as a divorced mother of four, but there were too many problems and difficulties, so I moved to New York where my sister Alexandra lived. I fell in with a few SoHo artists and rented a cheap apartment in Little Italy. Earl Fendleman’s wife, Judy, hired me to be a part-time figure drawing instructor at Parsons School of Design. I scraped by, living for nine years as an artist, but I left Parsons in December of 1991, having seen the writing on the wall telling me that there would be diminishing honor in teaching at the college level. 

In February of 1992 I started an independent figure drawing studio in SoHo and I have been teaching the public how to draw the nude figure ever since. I had a stroke in January of 2016, but I have totally recovered. I walk to work every day and I enjoy every day that I am still alive. My art work and some memoir writings are on my website: minervasoho.com.

I have five grandchildren, all of them delightful, two in St. Louis, and three in New Jersey. The photo I send shows me holding a book with a drawing I did of my fourth child on the day she was born in 1969.