Morris Daniel Gross

Morrie (as he’s known by most of his friends and family) graduated from Humboldt State College in 1962.

 In 1962 Morrie became one of the first Peace Corps volunteers and spent two years in Ecuador.  He then went on to work for the U.S. State Department in Colombia, South America for three years.

 After he returned to California, he met Sharon Diamond, who became a teacher, and they were married in 1968.

 He became President of American Pneumatic Tool Company working with aerospace customers all over the world.  After several years, he started his own company, Sonnet Tool, making specialized cutting tools for the aerospace industry.

 Sharon and Morrie have three grown children, Michael, Jamie and Sasha.  Michael is married to Monique and works in technology.  They gave Sharon and Morrie their two grandchildren, Daniella, age 10, and Niko, age 8.   

Jamie is a reading coordinator teacher and runs a reading lab for LAUSD.  Sasha is a project manager for Activision, a huge video game company and is married to Andy who was a professional soccer player in England.  He currently works in Los Angeles with a children’s soccer programs.

 Sharon and Morrie have traveled all over the world, and are now retired. They keep busy with various activities and friends, and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, granddogs and grandcat.