Nancy Leve Goldstein

After graduating from U. City, I attended the University of Michigan.  In my English class, I found many students who did not know how to write an essay.  I realized at that time that I owed what I knew to the incredible education we had.  How lucky we all were!

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Washington University and a Ph.D. from St. Louis University.  I have taught pre-k students to graduate students, but the place where I taught the most years was St. Louis University (31) teaching reading and study skills.  I retired in 2012.

My husband, Stanley Goldstein, died in 2010.  We were married for almost 50 years (although I could add 6 months if I counted husband-in-training).  We have two sons and one daughter, all of whom were educated as lawyers.  They are all married to wonderful spouses and between them, gave us seven grandchildren.  My biggest joy is that they all live in St. Louis and we are a very close family.

I am currently on the Ladue Board of Education and volunteer at NPR.  Having had such a fulfilling life, it is only right that I “pay it forward”. 

The movie, “Pleasantville” captured the idyllic years we spent at U. City High.  We were innocent and life was pleasant.  As I look at how complicated the world is today, our years at U. City High seem incomprehensible to today’s generations. Nevertheless, I remain grateful for the years we spent together at U. City High.