​​Perry Schneider

Married to Sheila Drebin (UCity ’61) for 52 years.
Two children – Larry age 47 and Edye age 44.
One grandchild – Maddy age 16 (going on 37).
We have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona full time for past 20 years. Came here to take over a company that needed rescuing and have never left – love the desert!
Married in 1965, promoted and transferred to Chicago in 1966, then Southern California in 1979 and Scottsdale in 1997.
Started my career as Personnel Manager at Wonder Bread Bakery on Vandeventer and Forest Park – used to eat Twinkies right off the conveyor belt.
Moved into General Management as my career blossomed and then spent last 25 years in the baby products business – ran three different companies and made everything from crib mattresses, high chairs, strollers, playpens, etc. to bedding for cribs.
Retired in 2002 – started a small business driving people back and forth to the airport just to have something to do.
Still doing it – keeps my brain active.
Lucky enough to have travelled all over the world – spent a lot of time working in the far east – China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.
Latest challenges revolve around trying to understand and survive the current policies and people running the United States government!

Hello everyone -(Update May 19, 2022)

It was great seeing so many classmates at our reunion last fall and certainly hope we will be able to do it again.

Who would have thought that in this day and age, we would be living and coping with a pandemic (we’re still afraid of Covid and are being very careful), an absolute crazy man (Trump) who still thinks he’s in charge, out of control inflation, and a clone of Hitler in Russia who seems hellbent on conquering all of Europe! These are very troubling times with no light at the end of the tunnel yet!

Sheila and I on the other hand are thrilled to be alive – we both have some minor health problems that we deal with on a daily basis – but we are functioning quite well and are still living on our own in our lovely home in sunny Arizona! We have lived in this house for the last 25 years and have and are loving life in the desert! This is the longest we have ever lived in one place during our 57 years of marriage as my career took me to many other places before settling down in Scottsdale.

We were finally able to take a cruise this past January and used up most of the money that Princess Cruise lines owed us from cruises they had cancelled during  the pandemic. We were gone for 25 days – 10 days to the Mexican Riviera and the 15 days to Hawaii. W e felt very safe because of the protocols that were in place.  The ship was half empty but we still pretty much stayed by ourselves for safety sake! We only got off the ship at three ports in Hawaii and spent the rest of the time reading, napping, watching the NFL playoffs, and eating! It was terrific.

We are glad to report that both of our children have wonderful lives and are doing well. Our son Larry has moved to New Jersey with his wife, two cats, and two dogs! He is a full time college professor teaching history and doing it all on online! Thank god for Zoom! His wife is the Director Of Human Resources for a large division of Quest Diagnostics!

Our daughter Edye lives here in Scottsdale and is the proud owner of two spas! One is a large day spa (55 operators) doing hair, nails, facials, massage. etc. She just opened a Wellness spa with various kinds of machines treating aches and pains,  chronic conditions, etc. She is quite the entrepenour.

The most exciting thing going on in our lives now revolves around our only granddaughter getting married this coming August! The wedding is a destination wedding in Niagara Falls, New York!

All of my goals now deal with staying healthy enough to make it down the aisle safely at her wedding!

I am very saddened by the deaths of so many of my close friends but am certainly glad that we are still here to talk about them!

Sheila and I wish everyone well – stay safe and be healthy! 

Perry Schneider