Roberta Black Stokes

After leaving University City I went to the Univ. of Indiana where, besides dance, I enjoyed Anthropology and English Literature. 

My husband, Gale, and I met on a visit to my brother at Barksdale AFB where they were both in the Air Force. We had two children, John and Karen, born two years apart and headed back to Indiana Univ. where Gale earned his PhD in European History. Our family lived in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) where Gale did his research at the faculty for his dissertation. 

Besides taking care of the children and doing such things as the family wash in the bath tub, I painted and danced with a folk dance group. We lived in two rooms and loved our adventurous times there taking many camping and travel trips which we continued to do after moving to Houston, Texas where Gale was a Professor of History at Rice Univ. and wrote a number of books. I taught dance, choreographed and painted. Our wonderful marriage lasted 54 years until Gale’s death in 2012.  

Almost 2 years ago, I sold our home of 45 years and moved across town to an historically preserved area where I happily live in a cottage just behind our daughter and son-in-law.  Our son John and his wife live in Ft. Collins, Co. where he is director of Open Space for the city.  Our oldest grandchild Maya,on a full scholarship, is in the PhD Earth Science program at MIT.  Her sister Hannah works outdoors in conservancy, gardening and skiing while getting back to college.  Our daughter, Karen, is head of dance at the Univ. of Houston and is director and choreographer of her own professional dance company – KSD.  

I continue, after five years, to miss my husband but truly enjoy my life of gardening, folk dance, art and living with my 15 year old cat Boogie.  Each summer, for three months, I live in a tiny, former miners home, that we purchased 24 yrs. ago in beautiful and special Redstone, Colorado.