Sandra Frager

This was my 80th birthday party.

I’m in front row with my 9 yr old grandson. I have 4 children 9 grandchildren. 

I’ve lived in northern Virginia for 43 yrs. My husband was with govt which is what brought us here for 2 yrs lol. 

When kids got older I worked for doctors for about 29 in office and as a medical transcriptionist. My husband passed away 7 yrs yesterday. 

I live in a 55+ condo (love it) we both moved in 11 yrs ago. It used to be Leisure World. If you have ever gone to Montgomery county there’s one there. 

Anyway that’s my story in a nutshell

​This is an earlier account that Sandy sent in:

The story of my life after graduating in 1956. I went to mizzou for nursing, but got married after a year in 1958 to a wonderful man Alvin (Al). We had 4 children and we raised most of them in U City and Creve Coeur. Then we moved to northern VA. My husband was in the govt. 

Our 4 kids graduated in Northern Va. after they graduated I got a medical assistant certification and worked 29 years as a medical assistant and transcription. 

My children all married. I have 8 grandchildren every 7 girls and youngest is a boy. 

My husband passed away in 2011 51+ years of marriage and wonderful ones. I now live in a condo 55+ and over. He lived here for 4 yrs and it’ll be 10 yrs that I’ve been here. Almost 6 since he passed away. 

Our oldest granddaughter just got married 2 wks ago. 

U. City friends. Life is good