Stanford Lamberg

After transferring my dermatology practice to a Hopkins colleague in 2008, I now peddle medical software that I designed ( Since I can manage sales and support online and since my wife of 54 years (Lynne Friedman, UCity ’59) works as a free-lance medical journalist and editor, we have been free to travel. During the last 8 years, we spent four winters in New Zealand, one in Thailand, one in Vietnam, one in Buenos Aires, and this last one in Tucson, Jan-Mar each year now.

I bike twice a week (6 days a week during our winter in Tucson), and often go on biking trips. In recent years, I have biked in Vietnam, India, Thailand, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Chile, and elsewhere. I just got back from the UK in Sept 2018 from a 22 day bike ride from the southern tip of England to the northern tip of Scotland, 1000 miles. Biking in Greece and Israel in 2019.  If you care to see more, go to

I am in three book clubs and a film group, like to cook dinner most nights (now on a pressure cooker kick), garden (chairman of the grounds committee for our condo building), watercolor, theater (but no musicals!), and support a lot of causes (a medical student scholarship at WU, a research prize at Hopkins, a physician in Ethiopia, are examples).  

Our son and his family live in Pleasantville, NY, and our daughter and her family in Boston. Each of them has two daughters.  Wished we lived closer.

Sorry to have missed the 60th (the mailed invitation was sent to an old address). Anyway, I had a nice mini-reunion in Scottsdale in February with Betty Jane, Perry, Denny, and Alan Kaufman and our spouses. And, fun to remeet classmates at the 80th birthday party in St. Louis.  See you at the 65th.

Jan 2021: Spent the year in Tucson instead of going back to Baltimore in March, but hope to be vaccinated by this Mar when Lynne and I can safely go home. Too hot in June-Aug in Tucson to ever stay here through the summer again. Otherwise, we are fine, and I still do long bike rides 4 mornings a week.

Update May 2022:

Still going strong and happy as no major negative events have happened other than those in the crazy world. We were in our Tucson home from mid-Nov to early April and got back to Baltimore for some family events with the kids, Nicole in Boston and Ryan in Stowe VT. I am still biking several days a week, doing small dinners for friends, among other fun things. Lynne is still working, writing articles and in the middle of her 6th book (teenage sleep issues and later school start time).

Stopping for BBQ in Nashville on way to Tucson for the winter 2017

Sunset in New Zealand 2014

On Mt. Lemmon in Tucson 2019
Bike ride with 175 others from Jerusalem to Eilat on the Red Sea in Nov 2019. I was the oldest biker. For more pictures, go to

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