Susan Brown Horton

Just a few bullet points as my life after “real” retirement  from GE/Thomson began:

Retired Jan 1, 1998 after spending my last 3 months before retirement in Burlingame, CA,  setting up a new office for the company.  Steve Horton and I married on Feb. 14. 1998.  This is where I’ll begin:

Not being able to sit still, I immediately had a bunch of temporary jobs through Manpower, Inc.,  the most exciting was being a Secret Shopper for DFW Airport. 

After recovering in the year 2000 from a serious illness, it was time to “give back”.  So I became a professionally trained but volunteer-only clown, Sparkplug.  My gigs included civic events, hospitals, nursing homes, compassionate home visits, church events and the like.  One of my favorite gigs was marching in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth when a gust of wind blew some  our wigs off.    Clowning lasted until just a few years ago when I could no longer squat, roll, jump, etc., without grunting and groaning!
Volunteering with AAARP, I taught their Driver Safety Program, where most insurance companies gave an almost generous discount for having taken the course.  That lasted 7 years till they modified their program, and I didn’t want to face the learning curve once again.

Steve and I have traveled quite a bit, mostly with Road Scholar ( , formerly called Elderhostel.  Thirty-some programs and counting .  Last two were:  a.) Circumventing Iceland by Small Ship and  b.) Riding the Historic Trains of Colorado.

Shorty after we married, I joined Steve as an amateur photographer and have been quite active in the Fort Worth Camera Club, .  Photography can be a challenging but expensive sport!

For the past 19 years, I’ve worked at Edward Jones Investments as a Branch Office Assistant On/Call.  What that means, is that when I’m in town and not doing my hobbies, I’d actually work and get paid!  Every year I say, “This is my last year”, but then I get talked into just one more.  Not happening this year.

My Methodist Church provides me with more opportunities that I can count, mostly on the social-end of planning events plus challenges with our local Mission Central food pantry.

That’s about it, folks.  Thanks to Facebook and a round-robin letter of about 50+ years with a few classmates, I keep current on classmates and friendships.

Till we meet again, somewhere, sometime, or maybe never, may God continue to bless us as we have been blessed in the past.  Thankful I grew up when I did and got a good foundation at UCHS!

  Susan Brown Horton  9-3-2018