Suzie Goldstein Broddon

     In  1958, I married Alan Broddon an HVAC Contractor.  We have 3 children …(2 girls and a boy) and when the youngest was in school full time, I went back to UMSL and got my Education. All of our kids married wonderful spouses whom we adore  and gave us 4 grandchildren whom we adore even more!.  We are VERY FORTUNATE INDEED WITH OUR FAMILY.   We are very close to all of them..  We have lived l in Clayton Mo for 56 of the last 58 years…..(and counting)
    My husband closed his (100 year old) family business in 2003 and retired.  He plays a lot of bridge and  loves it.  We often play as partners and have managed to “remain on speaking terms for most of the time”  We have done some traveling and as mentioned before, have spent the past several years in Florida  
      I have enjoyed many outdoor sports including tennis, swimming, and hiking.  For 14 years I lead an intrepid group of women who hiked in many beautiful venues from the Appalachian Trail to the Olympic Peninsula  with Utah and New Mexico in between.   I now only swim and walk and I do it 7 days a week (I guess some of us are getting older) 
                                        AND      I am now playing bridge!

 This next part is what I  use when I’m being introduced to an audience or when I am written up for a program where a I am singing.

Known in the community for her work in the area of Children’s Theatre, Suzanne has been a teacher of creative Dramatics in the St. Louis Public School System for a program called  “Springboard” since 1981 and was the producer of their radio show” Surprise Endings for  it’s 21 year run. She is still teaching!!!!.
For 28 years she was also the Producer/Director of the Clayton Summer Children’s Theatre and directed numerous productions for the JCC, Block Yeshiva High School, CAJE,  She  wrote and produced multi-media presentations for several Temples and Synagogues( including the 100 year history of her synagogue) She is also part of a program called “Ready Readers” which puts volunteers into “Head Start” day care centers.. 
She has been the drama artist for Camp Rainbow ( a camp for children with Cancer and other Blood related illnesses ) since its inception in 1992

Suzanne has been singing in the community since she was in high school.  She has Performed with the AMC Players for which she wrote and directed the Sunshine Players  (the company which produced “Wish Upon A Star” by the late Chris Jackson)  and, The  Theatre Factory ( “Where the Lights are Shining” and  “Urban Affairs”).   
She played Mrs.Beckoff  in “Torch Song Trilogy” by Harvey Fierstein  and  had leading roles in “Stay With Me” by Christopher Jackson (which went to New York for a limited  engagement) ,
 “In a Darkend Theatre” and “South Beach”  (both also by Jackson).  She played the Holocaust Survivor “Oma” in Henry Schevy’s production of  Hannah’s Shawl” and Anfisa  in Anton Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters”  Both for Washington University’s Drama Department
She is still writing, directing , producing, and performing.